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Now, let's have some fun, shall we?


Short and Sweet: Into The Storm

Just came back from the press screening of Into The Storm. How can tornados be that boring? It’s like they took every single cliché imaginable and squeezed it into the script. Dad who’s not emotionally there for his kids? Check. Working mom who feels guilty because her daughter doesn’t get that in order to eat, someone’s gotta work? Check. One douchebag son? Check. One emotional son who loves a pretty, but bland as hell girl from a distance? Check. Last minute revival scene? Check.

WHY do they need all of these stupid plot-lines? Just show a dad and his son trying to survive? Just show the tornado-crew chasing the tornado but then realizing that they’re in over their heads. We don’t all that human conflict when there’s a billion tornado’s trying to kill you?! It adds up to nothing, except the people finally realizing that they should appriciate their families. Barf.

Also, decide on a fucking visual style! Either do found footage or regular style. Don’t expect me to believe that a teenage boy’s handheld cam can film fucking HD like that.

The final tornado though, was awesome, and by far the best actor in the film.

Unless you really, really, REALLY love natural disaster flicks, then skip it. Great effects, but i prefer Twister.


Short and Sweet: The Expendables 3

Don’t listen to the critics when it comes to this one - this was an awesome, fun, overblown action-ride which delivered just what i had expected. Probably the best of the trilogy, too, and the cast additions (Banderas, Snipes, Ford and Gibson) were a hoot, all of them.

Banderas and Snipes in particular, were hysterical (and i’m normally not a fan of either). Snipes almost reminded me of a kind of Ernie Hudson-karakter with the way he talked, and Banderas had me in stitches throughout the film.

There were also a few scenes that were obviously inspired by The Dark Knight, with Mel Gibson’s villain being a kind of Joker-inspired villain. Also, great to see Gibson back in action!

It’s not perfect, though. The CGI was a bit off, and they could have given Jet Li some martial arts-scenes. My personal fave, Dolph Lundgren, deserved more screentime than he got, but at least he did have one of the best quotes of the movie (about the weather). Also, the young, new crew could have been more fun, but they just ended up being bland. But Ronda Rousey was not nearly as bad as people have claimed her to be. Considering she has no acting training, she was completely decent.

Anywho, i had an absolute blast with this one, and honestly, the rest of the audience seemed to just as much fun as me. Turn your brain off and enjoy the ride.